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The Best Tech Gifts in UAE that You can give in ‘22

The world runs on technology at present and the UAE is no different. Our lives are closely intertwined with gadgets ranging from smartphones to simple remote controlled bulbs. That’s why as of 2022, tech is the next best gifting option. Traditional gifts like wallets, flower vases, silverware, etc., have become highly overrated. As opposed to them, tech gifts can be a pleasant surprise for the ones close to you. Additionally, tech gifts make quite a lot of sense in UAE and GCC nations because of the highly discounted they are available at.

So which gadgets make the best gifts in 2022? Are these gifts worth it at all? Let’s find out.

# Smartphones

A smartphone is the most functional gifts you can get for anyone on their birthday. You get to choose from a range of exciting options like Samsung and Apple. We highly recommend the iPhone 13 in 2022 as it’s an amazing gift. Apple’s revolutionary phone can brighten up anyone’s day. However, if you have an extended budget for the gift, we recommend choosing the iPhone 14 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S Ultra series. Both these options host stunning camera features. The Apple range at Dubai is quite pocket-friendly and besides, the iPhone 14 Pro tops it off this year with a dynamic island UX feature that’s super cool!

# Smart Speaker

When it comes to uplifting your home’s ambience, smart speakers are everything. We specifically recommend Echo Dot. This 4th generation smart speaker features a clock and Alexa – your personal house assistant. Alongside this, it features top-tier sound quality, multiple microphones for distant voice commands, is compatible with smart home devices, and can understand English and Arabic!

# Smart Watches

Smart watches are the hottest new addition to the market. They have become the perfect complement to smartphones. But, that’s not all. Their importance is significant for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Smart watches come with health trackers, SpO2 measurement systems, step trackers, and much more. High end smart watches like the Apply Watch Ultra also allows you to make and receive calls and text using the watch itself. Besides their functionality, smart watches also make really cool accessories. You’ll find numerous watch collections with designs ranging from quirky to classy!

# Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaners are a trend on Instagram. You’ll come across several reels where people are just recording their automatic robot vacuum moving across the floor. These make for a perfect gift because – they are super functional and cute. However, that shouldn’t make you underestimate their power. Vacuums like the RoboVac X8 host twin-turbine technology with 2000 Pa suction power each. Additionally, it has a runtime of 3 hours per charge. The vacuum is also designed to mop while vacuuming and uses a 250 ml tank that can last up to 140 minutes!

Thus, which gift do you think you’ll choose in 2022 from the UAE market? Will it be the voice controlled speaker or the flashy iPhone? Or would you rather go for the smart watches?

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